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Oil Market News 21st May 2009

As the oil market waits on the next OPEC meeting civil unrest in Nigeria and consequent disruption to oil supplies is likely to figure on the agenda.  Italian oil company ENI SpA has invoked force majeur on 52,000 daily barrels of crude oil from the...

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Oil Stats – 13th May 2009

DOE: US Crude Oil Stks -4.7M Bbls vs  +1.3m forecast DOE: US Gasoline Stks -4.1M Bbls vs no change in forecast DOE: US Distillate Stks +1M Bbls vs  +1.3m forecast DOE: US Refineries Running at 83.7% vs forecast of 85.4%

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Daily Oil Prices – Oil Price Chart 15th May 2009

Owing to technical problems, namely no internet connection I have combined 2 day’s worth of commentaries for you. Commentary for Thursday 14th May 2009: Following better than expected crude oil inventories which under normal circumstances would be seen as having a bullish impact, crude oil...

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